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Because scientific ethics are just as important as sporting ethics






Ethics in sport includes four key values among others

Doping basically breaks all of them.

This is the reason why International Federations and National Sports Associations like the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have condemned doping for a long time.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was created in 1999 to coordinate the fight against doping on a global level.

The technologies and methods used in accredited laboratories have drastically evolved over the last decades. At the same time, procedures published by WADA for sample treatment and results interpretations have progressed to such a complicated level that it may be difficult for athletes to understand the regulations they must follow.

Interpretation of abnormal results and the resulting sanction decisions are not coming without problems, and this is a topic that is being heavily discussed between federations, laboratories and athletes.

This is when scientific ethics come into play, and which must be put on an equal footing with sports ethics.

Illustration Fair Science For Sport at the intersection with athletes, federations, laboratory and laws.

Given the complexity of these issues, it is best to seek the advice of neutral, objective experts. This helps to better understand certain issues and to choose rational, effective and fair options.

Antidoping shall focus on protecting clean athletes.


A scientific expert, recognized as independent and neutral, to assist customers in their search for appropriate anti-doping strategies.

The diffusion of clear and objective information to athletes and their team regarding the science behind the fight against doping.

This is for...

Judges, prosecutors and lawyers, to give them an in-depth understanding of scientific data in light of analytical, toxicological and forensic contexts.

Athletes and their team who look for neutral and unbiased information.



As a 6 years old child, when I started as an active member of the Swiss Gymnastics Federation, I first learned about sporting ethics through their logo including the 4 F’s :

which could translate as: “Candid – Strong – Proud – Loyal”

To this day, with my experience in antidoping and science, I still stand with this motto in my life.

Bachelor and master’s in pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. I obtained my PhD in life sciences at the University of Geneva, it was focused on steroid analysis and performed in a WADA accredited laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland (2005-2010).

Thereafter, I completed a Postdoctoral Researcher position at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden (2010-2012) in Clinical Pharmacology in relation with antidoping, and I worked in the Swedish Antidoping Laboratory as a Certifying Scientist (2012-2014).

I have been actively involved in anti-doping cases as a scientific expert since 2021 in parallel with being a senior scientist in an accredited toxicology laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland.


“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

Attributed to Benjamin Franklin

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, I benefit from a central position in Europe.


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